Trading For Beginners

Quality education is the best way to improving your trading. Nothard Trading has teamed up with My Trading Skills to offer their Award Winning Courses direct to you!

A Perfect Start

You will not find a better value for money trading basics course than this. Phillip Konchar brings you his 15 years of market trading experience in this excellent starters course.

By the end of the course you will not only be able to answer if trading is for you but also know where to start.

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Trading For Beginners

Your stepping stone to the markets. Save yourself time, money, and endless frustration by starting to learn the right trading skills now, not after a few expensive months trying it alone.

What you’ll learn:

  • Clear, unequivocal answers to the three questions all new traders ask
  • 10 golden rules new traders should follow to be successful
  • 2 simple trading strategies you can go away and use today
  • How leverage works for you or against you if you don’t know how to manage it
  • What markets are and which ones suit you – are you an FX, index or stock trader?
  • How traders use derivatives products to profit from prices falling, as well as rising
  • A complete set of trading terms and concepts you need to get started
  • Your trading style – are you a scalper, investor or something in between?
  • How traders find potential trades in live markets
  • How to place a live trade in line with a clear trading strategy
  • The techniques you should use to limit your risk and maximize your upside
  • How to use the key functions of a trading platform
  • How to select the right broker, your gateway to the markets
  • Lots of live trades so you can see how trading is done by an experienced trader
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