The Initial Balance (IB) indicator allows you to select any two time periods and will then measure the following metrics:

  1. The high and low of that period.
  2. The range of that period.
  3. The midpoint of that period.

The indicator will draw the start and end period line on the chart as vertical lines. The high, low and mid lines are drawn as horizontal lines. A display is also shown on the chart with the values for the high, mid and low levels and the range and half range values (IB and IB Half). Variants of this indicator are customised for trading the UK or US market session.

The Initial Balance (IB) is a well established method for identifying key support and resistance levels for intraday traders. Read more about this strategy in our article – Initial Balance And Opening Range Breakout Strategies Explained

Key Benefits

The Initial Balance method is a popular strategy for trading the market. These indicators are useful for analysing this method across multiple markets. The indicators will allow you to easily view the relevant period you are measuring and the support and resistance levels created by it.

This is useful for analysis and trade management of this method (entry, risk and target levels). The basic version of this indicator can also be used for analysing any specific period of time between two points and easily measuring and visualizing the high, low, midpoints and range.


Metatrader 4 – MT4.


  • Initial Balance UK Market. Variation setup for UK market trading session with US open. 
  • Initial Balance US Market. Variation setup for US market trading session. 

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Initial Balance Strategy

Initial Balance for UK Market

Initial Balance for US Market

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Initial Balance Strategy

Initial Balance for UK Market

Initial Balance for US Market

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