How To See Your Net Position In MT4 For Any Symbol (free tool)

How To See Your Net Position In MT4 For Any Symbol (free tool)
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If you are trading across multiple assets / symbols in MT4 with multiple open positions, then you will want to see your net (average) position in any symbol so that you can manage your trading more effectively. In this article we will show you how.

There are three ways to see and manage net (average) positions in MT4:

  • Trade Window Tab: displays the net P&L for all open positions across all markets in deposit currency, term currency or points. Does not show net P&L by symbol.
  • iExposure Indicator (built into MT4): displays the net P&L and net lots for each symbol in an indicator window.
  • Custom Indicator: through the use of custom indicators that can extend the functionality of MT4. An example is Nothard Trading’s Trade Point Measure Indicator which shows the net position of any symbol in deposit currency or points on the chart window.

There is never a perfect solution that meets everyone’s needs but through the combination of these functions and tools you will be able to see at a glance your net position across multiple open trades and symbols which will meet most trader’s needs.

Net Positions Worked Example

The best way to see how anything works is to do it, so let’s work through an example where we open multiple trades across two symbols, GBP/USD and EUR/USD.

As you can see in the screenshot below, we have five open positions. Four in GBP/USD and one in EUR/USD. In the Trade Tab of the Terminal Window at the bottom of the screen we can see our net P&L across all markets.

Hint: If your terminal window is closed, open it quickly with the Ctrl+T shortcut.

Trade Window
Trade Window

Disadvantages Of The Trade Window

As you can see there is an obvious disadvantage to this view and this is that it displays all trades as individual lines. This means that even though we have the GBP/USD chart displayed, we can’t see our net position for that market only.

This wouldn’t be an issue if we had multiple trades only on one market, but as soon as we trade multiple markets then we lose the quick reference P&L. There is however a way to see the net position of individual symbols using the iExposure indicator.

How to Use The MT4 iExposure Indicator

One way to get a better overview of our positions is to use the iExposure indicator. This is an indicator that is built into MT4 which you will find in most downloads unless your broker has specifically removed it.

To load the iExposure indicator you need select it from the menu bar: Insert > Indicators > Custom > iExposure.

Add iExposure To Chart
Add iExposure To Chart

This indicator loads a separate indicator window into the active chart. This window will display the net position for each symbol in which you have open positions.

It also displays the number of deals in each symbol, number of buys lots and price, number of sell lots and price and the net lots and finally net P&L for each symbol.

GBP/USD and EUR/USD iExposure Example
GBP/USD and EUR/USD iExposure Example

By having the iExposure and Trade Tab open you can see each symbol’s summarised P&L in the iExposure window and your overall net profit in the Trade Tab.

Note: The net P&L in the iExposure window does not match the profit shown in the Trade Tab as it is net of other costs, in this case the Commission cost.

Using MT4 Custom Trade Point Measure Indicator To See Net Position On Chart

Next, we will add our own free indicator – the Trade Point Measure to the chart.

Note: to learn how to install and use custom indicators, see this article.

Trade Point Measure Example GBP/USD
Trade Point Measure Example GBP/USD

The Trade Point Measure indicator will show a summary of all the positions for one symbol on the chart itself. This allows you to see at a glance your net position for that symbol in a way you couldn’t easily do in the Trade Tab.

As you can see the combination of these tools will easily allow you to see your net position .

Alternate iExposure Indicator

As the iExposure indicator source code is readily available there are several programmers who have modified it to give a better experience. One such example that is worth sharing is the GroupiExposure indicator.

This was shared by user fitter44 on ForexFactory. This modification adds an extra line showing the overall net position and also has an option to display the net of closed positions.

GroupiExposure Indicator Example

To download this indicator you can go to the user’s page on ForexFactory via this link:

Note: We have tested this indicator for safety at the time of this article but this is a third party link and we cannot vouch for its functionality.

If you have concerns about using custom indicators have a look at this article: Are MT4 Custom Indicators Safe? DLL And Virus Fears Explained.

Related Questions

How To View Profit As Pips / Points In MT4

In order to view your profit in points in MT4, in the Trade Tab, right click anywhere in the Profit column. From the menu select > Profit > as Points. This will change the display from currency to points.

Change To Points Trade Window Example
Change To Points Trade Window Example

It is worth noting that you can also change the display between Deposit Currency (the currency you deposit and withdraw from your broker and Term Currency (the base currency of the instrument you are trading).

Change Trade Point Measure To Points

You can also change the display units of the custom Trade Point Measure indicator between currency and points. By default when loading the indicator it is set to Points. To change the setting click Ctrl+I to access the active indicators window.

Open the settings for the Trade Point Measure Indicator and on the Inputs tab, select between In Points or In Currency from the Indicator Data Show setting.

Change To Points Trade Point Measure Example
Change To Points Trade Point Measure Example

Can The MT4 iExposure Indicator Be Changed to Pips / Points?

No, this indicator only shows the output in deposit currency and cannot be changed to show points.

In the image below you can see that the Trade Tab and Trade Point Measure indicator are both showing points as outputs whilst the iExposure indicator is showing currency. This may be useful for people who want to see both.

Points And Currency Showing On Chart Example
Points And Currency Showing On Chart Example

How Do I Check My MT4 Trade History

To see your trade history in MT4, click the Account History Tab in the terminal window. In this tab you will see your trade history. If you cannot see it all then right click anywhere in the window to bring up date range options and save a report.

Hint: If your terminal window is closed, use the Ctrl+T shortcut to open it.

How Do I Close All Positions In MT4 With One Click?

There is no built in function in MT4 to close all positions. In order to do this you will need to install a custom indicator or script. This indicator will actually be an Expert Advisor (EA) as it will be required to handle trades. Nothard Trading’s Trade Manager Basic is free and is available here: Trade Manager.

You can read more about how to use the Trade Manager for this and other functions in this article: How To Close All Positions In MT4 (free tool).

In the screenshots below you can see how we used the Trade Manager to close out all the open positions we had in our example:

Use Trade Manager To Close All Sym Chart Example
Use Trade Manager To Close All Sym Chart Example
Use Trade Manager To Close All Sym Chart Example - Trades Closed
Use Trade Manager To Close All Sym Chart Example - Trades Closed
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