Trading Time Zones Indicator MT4

Trading Time Zones Indicator MT4


The Trading Time Zones indicator draws and highlights any trading time zone on the chart.

This is drawn with vertical open and close lines and a shaded rectangle to highlight the range. The indicator can be added multiple times on the chart to show more than one zone.

The time zone can be drawn for a single date only or as a recurring zone for multiple dates into the past.

Key Benefits

This indicator is very useful to highlight any time zone that you wish to analyse.

By highlighting a time zone, it can help you to focus your attention on the price action within that zone without distraction.

It is also very helpful to manage your trading around markets’ formal open and close times and ignore out of hours price action.

By using the indicator to highlight the same zone or trading day into the past, you can quickly scan these zones when analysing or testing trading strategies.


 For full indicator details and inputs visit the indicator page HERE

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