Trade Point Measure Indicator MT4

Trade Point Measure MT4


The Trade Point Measure indicator creates a display on the chart which shows the profit or loss for each open trade.

When multiple trades are open, it will also show the net position of all open trades. The indicator has the option to switch between displaying the output in pips or in currency.

Key Benefits

The Trade Point Measure is a useful tool that allows you to see your current profit and loss in pips or currency at a glance on the chart.

The indicator is especially useful when you have multiple positions open as the indicator will show you at a glance your net position on the chart.

The net position will be for trades on the selected market so if you have trades open across multiple markets you can see the net for each which you can’t see in the trade window.

This indicator takes into account the spread so you will see a negative position on the opening of any trade.


For full indicator details and inputs visit the indicator page HERE

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