Risk Reward Calculator Indicator MT4

Risk to Reward Calculator Indicator MT4


The Risk to Reward Calculator MT4 Indicator draws risk to reward (RR) levels on the chart from 1:1 RR to 1:5 RR when you set a stop on any open trade in the active chart. The RR levels will move automatically whenever the stop level is adjusted.

The indicator also displays a table showing open entries and the RR target levels as either a price, pips or currency amount. When multiple trades are opened the RR levels will adjust to reflect the net position of all trades and the table will also show the summary targets of the net position.

Key Benefits

Understanding risk to reward is key for traders to be successful in the long term. This tool allows you to quickly and easily analyse potential targets based on risk to reward (RR) levels in relation to your current

The tool is also very useful when opening multiple trades as it will allow you to quickly see the net RR levels of all the trades combined, effectively allowing you to manage it as one trade for RR purposes.


For full indicator details and inputs visit the indicator page HERE

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