Pin Bar Pattern Manager Indicator MT4

Pin Bar Pattern Manager Indicator MT4


The Pin Bar Pattern Manager tool allows you to create your own rules for identifying candle pin bar patterns. It allows you to have up to four signals:

  • Green Bullish
  • Green Bearish
  • Red Bullish
  • Red Bearish

For each signal you can modify the following parameters in relation to each other as a % of the total candle range:

  • Wick Nose %
  • Real Body %
  • Tail %

The signal is shown as either a green arrow beneath the candle or a red arrow above the candle.
Indicator includes alert notifications.

Key Benefits

Candle patterns are some of the most commonly used technical analysis tools. However, many descriptions of pin bar patterns are subjective without clear rules on the relative sizes of the wicks, bodies and tails.

This indicator allows you to create and test your own bin bar patterns with exact specifications so that you can review their effectiveness over time.


For full indicator details and inputs visit the indicator page HERE

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