Moving Average Trend Synchronizer Indicator MT4

Moving Average Trend Synchronizer MT4


The MA Trend Synchronizer indicator compares 3 Moving Averages (MA) – fast, medium and slow – and outputs the correlation between the trends from strong downtrend through ranging to strong uptrend.

The 3 MAs to be synchronized are input by the user and are defaulted to 20, 50 and 200 SMA.
All MA types are also supported (simple, exponential, etc.). The result is displayed in a table on the chart showing the MA synchronization for multiple timeframes.

Key Benefits

Moving averages are a common tool used to analyse markets. The MA Trend Synchronizer is a useful tool that automatically compares 3 sets of moving averages. This indicator allows you to see at a glance the correlation between different moving averages at the current price.

The indicator also allows you to quickly see the synchronisation between the moving averages on multiple timeframes at once.


For full indicator details and inputs visit the indicator page HERE

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