The Candle Range Indicator MT4

Candle Range Indicator MT4


The Candle Range indicator is used to view the size of a candle in pips. The size of the candle can be seen as a number displayed on the chart when hovering on a candle.

You can also choose to display a comparison in percentage of the current candle to previous bars.

This indicator allows you to choose between showing whole pips or sub pips.

Key Benefits

The Candle Range tool is a great way to get a quick visual confirmation of a candle’s size in pips.

Many technical strategies will use a candle as a signal for entry, exit or risk management (stop placement).

This indicator is useful when you are looking to enter a trade or manage your risk as you can see at a glance whether the candle size is within the parameters of your trading plan.


For full indicator details and inputs visit the indicator page HERE

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