Broker Finder Service And Cashback Rebates

Nothard Trading has partnered with Forest Park FX to give you a personalized service to help you:

  • Find your ideal broker based for your trading needs.
  • Secure industry leading cash back rebates.
  • Reduce your trading costs.

Get The Best Out Of Your Trading

Choosing a broker is a huge decision for any trader and many people don’t think about the consequences of choosing the wrong broker. 

Don’t leave it to chance

By using this expert service you will take the guesswork out of choosing your broker and ensure that you are matched with a broker that will give you:

  • The best service and execution for the markets you trade.
  • Match your trading style and objectives.
  • Fully regulated for your jurisdiction, ensuring your security

Lower your trading fees

Reducing you trading costs is a simple and effective way of increasing your trading returns. Forest Park FX will secure you cashback rebates on your margin trading. 

How to access / next steps

To start, simply fill out the form and an expert will be in touch.

Can I go Direct?

Yes, if you don’t want a personalized consultation you can choose your own cashback broker by visiting the website here: Forex Park FX.

Start Your Personal Consultation Now

Fill in your details below to get a personalized consultation with an expert via email or phone.

Learn More - Commonly Asked Questions

Who is it for and what products are covered?

The experts at Forest Park FX will be able to find the right broker for almost anyone. The broker services cover margin products such as forex, spread betting, futures and CFDs. Cash shares and options trading are not covered.

Who are Forest Park FX?

Forest Park FX are one of the world’s leading introducing brokers. Through them you will get access to services and benefits normally reserved for the most experienced, best-connected traders.

Access decades of insight from a globally regulated team of experienced professionals.

What is my commitment?

Zero commitment. You are not tied into any minimum fees, volumes or brokers. If you want to switch brokers at a later stage you can.

More FAQs

More questions? Browse the frequently asked questions below.

Next steps:

  • After filling out the form, we will send a copy to Forest Park FX who will get in touch with you within a business day or so to start your consultation.
  • Sometimes it is obvious what type of account and broker will fit with your needs, sometimes it’ll take some back and forth. This consultation is normally done via email but can be via phone if necessary.
  • Once you’ve finished the consultation you’ll be sent unique tracking links to your new broker(s).
  • It is down to you to make the final decision about opening an account, by going through the consultation you are not committing to opening an account.
  • It is then over to you to go through the account opening process with your chosen broker. It is crucial the links sent to you are used when you are opening your account or your rebate won’t be tracked.
  • After that, you fund your account and trade as normal. You’ll then receive your rebate from Forest Park FX or it is paid directly into your trading account, normally on a monthly basis (varies by broker).

Note: You are not placing funds on account or trading with Forest Park FX, the service is simply an introduction.

Yes! fill out the form above to get started.

Forest Park FX are an introducing broker to many of the world’s top FX brokers.  In exchange for introducing clients to these brokers, they compensate Forest Park FX a portion of the spread or commission you pay on your trading.  In turn, Forest Park FX shares that compensation with you as a way to reduce your costs of trading below what the broker would offer you directly.

When working with our partners Forest Park FX, your account and funds are still held by the broker and you trade on the same pricing and platforms they offer to their direct clients.  The key difference is that by being introduced through this service, you will save money on every trade you place.


Forest Park FX is an introducing broker. Normally the preserve of hedge funds and experienced traders these businesses add value by connecting those that want to trade with those that provide trading services. It does not hold trader’s funds or accept trades – their job is to introduce.

Forest Park FX is regulated around the world, it holds licences with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as an Independent Introducing Broker, it is a member of the National Futures Association and its authorised and regulated by the FCA in the UK.

They are an experienced team of industry professionals specializing in providing market access to the world’s top Forex brokers, cashback rebates for traders and professional trading services.

Brokers are not all the same. There are many differences which should be important to you. Theses include:

  • Markets and assets available to trade.
  • Regulation: make sure you are covered and broker services are fair.
  • Trading costs: get the best costs for the product you trade.
  • Additional services: what is important to you? This could be anything from having access to VPN, automated or copy trading, customer services or education.

Forest Park FX, have a panel of brokers they have pre-screened and negotiated rebates with. These brokers are only from well-regulated jurisdictions.

You can see the panel here

This service is available to clients in all countries except those prohibited by sanctions. For these, please see the US Treasury Department’s OFAC list.

No, at the moment it is only for margin products - FX, CFD, spread betting, and futures traders.

This means that cash products such as individua shares are not covered.

Note, options trading is also not offered.

Yes, it is an excellent decision to start out with the right broker and expert advice. 

However, please only apply if you are genuine about wanting to start trading.

If you’ve already got an account at a broker on the panel it is still possible to secure a rebate.

You should contact the team at Forest Park FX to find out how.

Risk And Fee Disclaimer

All trading involves risk. and margin trading products‌ – Forex, Futures, Financial Spread Bets and CFDs increase that risk substantially. These are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how these products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Risk Warning (

Fee Disclosure:

If you sign up and use this ‘free at the point of use’ service, will receive a commission linked to the volume you trade from Forest Park FX, LLC.

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