Hi, I’m Justina Nothard, I am a retail investor living in the UK and trade Stock Indexes and Forex Markets . I have been trading my own account for over 5 years and hold a Level 5 Diploma in Trading and Financial Market Analysis.

Hi, I’m Justina Nothard, I am a retail investor living in the UK and trade Stock Indexes and Forex Markets. I have been trading my own account for over 5 years and hold a Level 5 Diploma in Trading and Financial Market Analysis.

My Work Story

I left Lithuania with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration and came to London to experience the 9-5.

The first thing to say about work, is that there is no such thing as a 9-5 job! The reality for many people is that you are always on the job. As soon as you wake up you are checking emails and this continues throughout the “work” day all the way through to bedtime.

Like many of you out there I got lost in this process, working hard, running around London, delivering the best results for my clients and company and working hard to look after my staff in an ever demanding environment.

But one day I stopped and asked myself:

Am I giving enough value to my time and freedom? Are you?

So I decided that if I was going to work that hard, it was going to be for myself. My goal became personal freedom and financial independence.

This was a huge step for me, for several reasons:

  • I had no idea what I was going to do instead.
  • I came from a family and social class that never taught me anything about money and financial independence.
  • I always believed that the only way to be successful was to work hard for someone else.
  • The social stigma of not “working” was a huge burden on me, especially as a woman.

My Trading Journey

After some deliberation I decided that I was going to trade the financial markets. So I started down the road to become a trader with the mantra of:

Don’t work for money, make money work for you!

My Greatest Trading Lesson

The most important thing I learnt about trading is this: Trading is hard work! Like any other new skill or job it requires huge commitment and hard work.

It is nothing like the portrayal on TV or YouTube of pulling loads of money out of thin air. But, and this is the good news, it can be done with effort and that effort is all for your own benefit.

My Trading Education

I have completed a professional qualification achieving a Level 5 Diploma in Trading and Financial Market Analysis from the London Institute of Banking & Finance with Amplify Trading.

Amplify Trading is the real deal, professional traders and market analysts based in the City of London. They offer a professional trading programme that covers all elements of financial trading and are also known for their focus on trading psychology and fundamental analysis.

My Trading Skills

I also completed training with Phillip Konchar of My Trading Skills which was a great introduction to trading strategies from someone with over 15 years of real market experience.

It can be hard to find the right course, which is why I was exited when Phillip launched My Trading Skills to bring all his experience to traders via online learning blended with his personal advice and video sessions. 

In fact it was so good I asked if I could host them on my website as well and you can find them here – Trading Courses.

Trading Competition Winner

Like most traders, I am always interested in learning more about trading and expanding my knowledge. I attend seminars from time to time and had planned to go to the 2019 London Forex Show.

I noticed that they were running a Top Traders competition and decided to enter just to see how I compared. It wasn’t a serious thing for me at the time but I entered anyway and I actually ended up as one of the winners!

Why I Started NothardTrading

After coming off stage from receiving my award, I was really shocked at how many people came up to me wanting to know more about trading and for advice on how to trade.

I could hardly believe that people were asking me what to do! Some were even asking if I could trade their money (which I don’t do)! This really made me realise how many people like me are out there, looking for advice for the retail trader.

This is why I decided to create a resource for the ordinary person that will answer the basic questions I had when I started trading and give a start in understanding the financial markets and jargon that goes with it.

A Bit More About Me

Away from the trading screens my loves are London, animals and nature and travel.

I am both a city and a country girl. My favorite place in London is Canary Wharf as I love the towers and tall buildings but my heart is still with the woods, lakes and rivers of Lithuania where I grew up.

I also love travelling and seeing new places and my goal is to see as much as possible in the coming years as I continue to build my financial independence.

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